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Mike Dunn

Articles by Mike Dunn:

We are the Tail that Wags the Dog: Bacteria as the Dominant Life Form on Earth

Sometimes, those of us working in the biological sciences might just wonder why we’re putting all that time and effort into studying whatever it is we study. For those of us working with bacteria, our justification doesn’t have to go much beyond the fact that they are the dominant life form on the planet. They…

25 Nov 2013 Inspiring and Thought Provoking

Understand EC numbers in 5 minutes Part 2: History of the EC system

In the previous article in this two part series, I explained how the Enzyme Commission names enzymes, and why it is so important. In this article I’d like to take you on a brief journey through the history of the Enzyme Commission. Like many histories in science (e.g. this!), it is fascinating and gives a…

10 Jul 2013 Protein Expression and Analysis

Understand EC numbers in 5 minutes Part I: How EC numbers work

As a biologist you will no doubt have seen Enzyme Commission (EC) numbers. An EC number is group of four numbers separated by periods in papers discussing enzymes…something like this: EC But do you know what these numbers mean? Or where they came from? Or why we use them? If not, I will aim…

08 Jul 2013 Protein Expression and Analysis
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