Zachary is currently a Neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Michigan. He received his B.S. in Neuroscience & Psychology from Baldwin Wallace University, and his M.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan. He has also received a “Science, Technology, and Public Policy” Certificate of Graduate Studies from the University of Michigan. He has previously performed behavioral rodent research, including taste discrimination and reactivity studies and investigating sex differences in / effects of hormone priming on taste discrimination, motivation, and addiction. In his PhD lab, Zachary has used a variety of cellular and molecular techniques to investigate heat shock protein phosphorylation and phosphorylation-dependent changes in protein structure and function. Zachary’s technical areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Western blot; immunohistochemistry & immunofluorescence; cell culture & electroporation-based transfection; and rat handling, estrus cycle tracking & surgical gonadectomy. Separately, Zachary served as a Health Policy Fellow for The Heritage Foundation, researching clinical laboratory and testing regulations, and has previously served as a counselor for a Cleveland Clinic behavior modification treatment program for children with ADHD.

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