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Cells and Model Organisms

Crash Course in Microbial Identification

Need a crash course in microbial identification methods? Here we give you a rundown of the methods available for the identification of bacteria, yeast, or filamentous fungi to the species level.

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Pop Quiz!: Do You Know How a Coulter Counter Works?

Are you an immunologist or lab personnel dealing with counting tons of cells? Then you must have come across the elusive Coulter Counter! Read on to know a little history ofthe instrument’s technology and its working principle.

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The Culture of Primary Schwann Cells  

Have you been itching to branch into working with Schwann cells for your next experiment, but aren’t quite sure where to begin? This article will help you decide which primary Schwann cell line is best for your needs.

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Tips for Successful Bone Marrow Isolation 

During my first year of graduate school, I learned how to isolate bone marrow. I remember watching my mentor in awe, wondering how would I be able to do such a difficult technique. Flash forward to a few weeks later and I was confidently undertaking bone marrow isolation. Learning a new technique is always daunting,…

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