Ryan has a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso and went on to spend a year as a researcher at the University of Minnesota. Ryan is now pursuing his PhD at Northwestern University in Chicago. Ryan’s current research focus is on post-translational modifications and their role in metabolism and disease. In his free time, he likes to golf and spend time with family and friends.

Articles by Ryan Heck

The Correct Way To Quantify Cellular Autophagy

The Correct Way To Quantify Cellular Autophagy

Just like you need to clean up your room from time to time, your cells also need to do a bit of housekeeping.  Your cells accomplish this through a process called autophagy.  Autophagy mainly serves two roles.  The first is to remove damaging materials, such as misfolded proteins, dysfunctional organelles, and foreign invaders.  The second…

Can’t Decide Between Medical School or Graduate School?

For the longest time I just couldn’t decide between medical school and graduate school. I mean come on, being a physician would be great. I could save lives just like they do on TV! But on the other hand, being a biomedical scientist excited me just as much. You can’t tell me you’ve never dreamt…