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Organization and Productivity

10 Tips For Organizing Your Lab Book

It’s easy to let organizing your lab book slide down your list of priorities. Read our guide to easy ways to keep your lab book up to date and organized.

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The Happy Scientist presents The Art of Going Slow

The Happy Scientist presents The Art of Going Slow Nick Oswald Kenneth Vogt While Bitesize Bio has always been your favorite mentor in the lab, and we have also helped you with soft skills to enhance your career, we realized something was missing.  That’s why we are now sponsoring a webinar series called The Happy…

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Scientists Working from Home – Practicalities and Wellbeing

Scientists Working from Home – Practicalities and Wellbeing Nick Oswald Kenneth Vogt Laura Grassie In this webinar you will learn: Further perspectives and strategies for effective home working, from Bitesize Bio staff who have being doing so for years Ideas on maintaining productivity and focus Advice on looking after your mental and physical wellbeing during…

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The Art of Working from Home, for Scientists

The Art of Working from Home, for Scientists Nick Oswald Kenneth Vogt Laura Grassie The current restrictions that are in place due to COVID-19 mean that many scientific researchers will be working from home for some time.  Maintaining focus, morale and productivity without a social workplace structure is easier said than done. Working from home…

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How to Share Your Lab Protocols and Why It Benefits You

Reproducibility is a cornerstone of scientific research and your results need to be reproducible not only by yourself but also by others, both in and outside of your laboratory.  This reproducibility is key for validation of your results as well as to further expand on the knowledge gained during the experiment. In order to accurately…

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Simple Tips for a Clean(-ish) Lab Drawer

Picture it: 6:00 pm on a Friday night. You have one or more experiments running. Maybe you’re doing a western blot, or following a staining protocol for an immunohistochemistry experiment, or just labeling tubes. But rather than working on active experiments, you’re helplessly searching through the lab drawer for that one pair of forceps, that…

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Having a Family in Grad School

The question that many graduate students have is “can I have it all?” A successful, productive PhD and marriage? And kids too? There is no doubt that having a family in grad school takes away your focus for a while especially around the time your baby is born, but it can also increase your productivity.…

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How to Cope With Overwhelm in the Lab: Taming Your Inbox

Look around you in your lab, your institution, and even in the world in general and you’ll see how much we all gravitate towards stress and overwhelm. Stress is just the workplace norm. Overwhelm means you are working “hard enough”. Being so occupied that you are frantically buzzing around from one task to another means…

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Need a Few More Hours in the Day? Here Are Some Timesaving Tips

Are you constantly looking for ways to squeeze more lab hours out of the day? Here are some timesaving tips that can help. Figure out Where Your Time Goes Not sure where you are losing those valuable hours? Use a website like Toggl to help you keep track of your time. This will make it…

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Don’t Be Discouraged in a Lab with Minimal Resources

My first lab experience was in a lab on a really strict budget: no kits, no technicians, no media kitchen, or glassware washing service. We really had only minimal resources.  I was close to paranoid about not wasting one tip or glove. Later, when I started in other labs, I spent my first days going…

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Prioritize Your Way to Success: a 4-Step Guide

So you just got out of your adviser’s office, feeling inspired, you get to your desk and look at the 27 new things added to your never-ending to-do list. You may feel overwhelmed, like you will never get all of this done; and that is true, you never will. The question is how do you…

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Why You Should Dedicate Time to Write Detailed Protocols

During my first year as a graduate student, one of the earliest pieces of advice that I received from a senior student in the lab was to keep detailed protocols. In fact, she had a folder of her own protocols, all of them extremely detailed and riddled with notes. When she showed me how to…

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Five Tips to Increase Your Lab Efficiency

Starting a PhD program is both an exciting time as well and a challenging one… One of the main things that keeps most PhD students up nights, is rethinking their steps in the lab during the day.  Did I do that one thing I may not have? Is that one reagent back in the fridge?…

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How to Effectively Organize a Research Lab

An academic lab is a unique working environment. Lab members are expected to take responsibility for their own research projects and perform the work quickly and efficiently. However, unlike an industrial or corporate setting, there are often no clearly defined management structures. This means that when it comes to communal equipment, reagents and resources, individual…

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