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Bioscience Mastery

5 Principles for Creating a Rewarding Career Inside or Outside of the Lab

5 Principles for Creating a Rewarding Career Inside or Outside of the Lab Available On Demand Speaker Nick Oswald Founder, Bitesize BIo Nick Oswald moved into industry after obtaining his PhD from the Dundee University School of Life Sciences. His time at the lab bench inspired him to move into writing and publishing to help researchers…

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How to Handle Strong Acids in the Lab

Acids are common and essential chemicals in any research laboratory. In this article, you’ll get advice on how to handle strong acids safely to give you the confidence to routinely prepare, handle, and dispose of them in the lab.

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How Does Peer Review in Science Work? 

If you’re unsure as to how the peer-review process works, the difference between open and double-blind peer review or are wondering if peer review is broken, read on.

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Essentials in Centrifugation—Better Safe than Sorry!

Essentials in Centrifugation—Better Safe than Sorry!Available On Demand Time: 9am (London) 10am (Berlin) 11am (Moscow) Speakers Sugish Subramonia Pillai Product Marketing Manager Eppendorf Sugish Pillai graduated in India in 2012 as a Mechanical Engineer specializing in Material Science. Upon gaining sales experience in advanced materials, he later received a Master of Engineering in Technical Management in…

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How Filtration Works: A Short Guide for Biologists

If you’ve worked in a lab, odds are you’ve had an encounter with filtration of one sort or another. Do you understand exactly how filters work, though? Or have you wondered why certain filters are used for certain lab applications?

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Top 10 Best Science Podcasts For Researchers

Facing hours of cell culture, or some other repetitive and mundane lab task? Why not cheer things up with a podcast or two! Discover our top 10 favorite science podcasts for researchers, from Sawbones to The Life Scientific.

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