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What is PCR? – The Beginner’s Guide

If you need to copy, sequence, or quantify DNA, you need to know PCR. But what is PCR? Read our guide to the PCR process, and discover tips to help you avoid the most common PCR pitfalls.

A gloved hand inserting PCR tubes into a thermocycler to represent answering the question how to get started with PCRRead More

Visualising protein degradation and aggregation in the living cell

Register Now In this webinar, Prof. Eric Reits will discuss how several neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, are characterized by the formation of protein aggregates, and that components of the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) co-localize in these aggregates. This has led to speculation that the UPS is impaired in these disorders, with UPS…

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Life beyond the pixels: deep learning methods for single cell analysis

In this webinar, you will discover: the computational steps in the analysis of single cell-based large-scale microscopy experiments; a novel microscopic image correction method designed to eliminate illumination and uneven background effects; new single-cell image segmentation methods; the Advanced Cell Classifier, a machine learning software tool for identifying cellular phenotypes; how the above machine learning…

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Which Type of Ethanol Should I Use?

Want to know more about ethanol grades commonly used in the lab? We help you make sense of your flammables cabinet with our rundown of the ethanol grades typically used in molecular biology, as well as some important rules for how to use them correctly.

Three shot glasses and a clear glass bottle containing clear alcoholic liquid to represent the ethanol grades that can be used in the labRead More

See The Hidden: Virtual Neurosciences Workshop

See The Hidden: Virtual Neurosciences Workshop This live online event brings together a series of scientific talks and microscopy showcases, centering around four specific topics in microscopy – 3D real time imaging*, laser microdissection, confocal nanoscopy and high pressure freezing techniques in electron microscopy. Each section will kick off with a scientific talk from one…

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Screening in the Modern CRISPR Era

Screening in the Modern CRISPR Era Available On Demand Speaker Andrew Ravanelli Principal Scientist, Genome and Epigenome EditingMerck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany Andrew obtained his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Duke University, where he used mouse and zebrafish models to dissect cellular mechanisms of early tissue formation. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Pediatrics at the…

Multichannel pipette filling a microplate to depict new CRISPR screening technologiesRead More

UltraMicroscope Blaze™ live instrument demonstration

UltraMicroscope Blaze™ live instrument demonstration Available On-Demand Register & Watch Now This live demonstration introduces you directly to the Ultramicroscope Blaze, a fully-automated, multi-scale, high-resolution, light sheet imaging system for high throughput volumetric imaging of large biological samples. Our imaging team will demonstrate the ease-of-use and performance of the instrument and take you through the…

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The UltraMicroscope Blaze™: Automated 3D imaging on an unprecedented scale

The UltraMicroscope Blaze™: Automated 3D imaging on an unprecedented scale Available On-Demand Register & Watch Now This webinar introduces the brand new Ultramicroscope Blaze. This next-generation light sheet imaging system brings together more than a decade of light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) development and collaboration. The Blaze is a fully-automated light sheet imaging system with,…

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