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About Bitesize Bio

‘The scientist.. studies [nature] because he takes pleasure in it, and he takes pleasure in it because it is beautiful.’ -Henri Poincaré

Your life as a scientific researcher should be a curiosity-filled adventure into the understanding of nature.

But if you are like most, the relentless, intense pressure to produce more results for the sake of notching more publications is squeezing the life out of your science.

This squeeze, and the rat race it produces, is ultimately responsible for the reproducibility crisis, the research career crunch and the overwhelming stress you feel in the lab.

Bitesize Bio is here to help you reverse these trends.

We are helping researchers like you reset your working style away from pressure, stress and pushing for results, back to curiosity and enjoyment in the development of your scientific  excellence.

We do this because science conducted in joy is better for you, it’s better for science and it’s better for the world you serve as a scientist.

Science is an artform that needs freedom to breathe. Just like Picasso or Beethoven could never have hoped to produce brilliance merely by pushing harder to meet an arbitrary quota, no scientist can produce excellence in an environment or mindset of overarching pressure.

That’s why you need support. To enable you to retain the focus, the skill and the headspace required to create great science, regardless of the maelstrom around you.

Bitesize Bio does this like the best mentor there is; By sharing with you personal experience, advice, tools and wisdom from those who have already discovered how to get useful results more easily at the bench, how to stay organized and focused and free from pressure and how to enjoy life in the lab and beyond, while doing great science.

This experience we bring you comes not just from one mentor but from hundreds of mentors based in labs around the world.

That’s hundreds of the world’s brightest brains working to bring you the best tools and advice to transform your experiences and results in the lab.

It’s an army of mentors working to help you become a wiser, more successful, and happier researcher.

Let’s work together to help you do great and pleasurable science

If you are a bioscientist in the lab...

  • Join us for free to get the full benefits of our help, including free webinars, eBooks, discussions and more.
  • Write for us. We have an open-door policy for writers, anyone can submit an article idea and if our Editorial Team like it, they will hold your hand through the process to create a great article and work with you to turn your personal wisdom into further articles if you require. If you are looking to springboard into a career (or sideline!) in writing you can also take this further as many have. After your first few articles are published, if you meet the standard (and you still like us) you can continue to work with us to further hone your skills with the help of our team, build a portfolio, increase your exposure on Bitesize Bio, and move through our ranks to take up further opportunities we can offer you.

If you are a marketer or company representative…

  • Talk to us about how your company can become part of this movement for better science. This is a place where you can show and discuss your know-how, products and services where they are sought after and welcomed. Our services enable your company to interface with this vibrant community in a way that is good for our community members, and good for you - enabling you to build awareness, leads and sales the right way. Click here to talk with a member of our experienced team.

Companies mentoring in this community

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