I work as the R&D Associate Director of Flow Cytometry Systems at Life Technologies in Eugene, Oregon, USA. I began my career in healthcare performing clinical laboratory testing as a specialist in hematology and flow cytometry before joining Molecular Probes® Labeling and Detection Technologies in 2001, where I have developed new reagents and assays for the flow cytometry technology platform. More recently I have been involved in developing acoustic cytometry.

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Flow Cytometric Apoptosis Assays for Cell Death

Flow Cytometric Apoptosis Assays for Cell Death

Apoptosis, often called programmed cell death, is a carefully regulated process that is part of normal development and homeostasis. Apoptosis is morphologically and biochemically distinct from necrosis, which is conversely called accidental cell death. Dysregulation of apoptosis is implicated in disease states such as cancer, autoimmune disease and degenerative conditions. Apoptosis consists of an orderly…