Dr. Jessica Torres

Jessica has a PhD. in Bioorganic Chemistry from North Carolina State University and is currently Project Manager, Ultrafiltration at MilliporeSigma.

Articles by Dr. Jessica Torres

Protein Self-Labeling with Halo, SNAP, and CLIP Tagging

Protein Self-Labeling with Halo, SNAP, and CLIP Tagging

We all know the impact fluorescent proteins have had in advancing cell biology. Although fluorescent proteins have revolutionized the field, they aren’t perfect and like all things research, they have their limitations. If you’re looking for a genetic tool with superior fluorescent properties, or one that allows you to introduce a variety of labels into…

The Seven Top Benefits of Starting Grad School Early

Your grad school acceptance letter finally came in the mail. Congrats, that’s no small thing to accomplish! You did your happy dance, but then it hit you: Grad school in the fall is a reality and things in your life are going to change. So now you’re wondering how to fill those awkward months between…