Manisha Menon earned her PhD in biology from the University of Virginia and is currently a Research Lab Manager at PRecision Vaccines Program/Boston Children’s Hospital Greater Boston. Manisha has a strong background in Immunology and Cell Biology, with a demonstrated history of working in the biotech industry. She is a self-motivated team player with excellent oral and written communication skills, and possesses valuable transferable skills like effective time management, critical thinking, problem-solving and data analysis. Manisha is experienced in Flow cytometry, microscopy, tissue culture, animal handling, and use of image and data analysis software like Flowjo, Graphed Prism and Imaris.

Articles by Manisha Menon

Tips for Peering into the Interior of Mice Using Intravital Microscopy

Techniques to study entire tissues, such as brain imaging microscopy, provide great insight into the biology of the whole tissue, rather than just individual cells.  Taking this one step further is intravital microscopy (IVM); a newer approach for the imaging of living tissues and organs in live animals. A wide variety of organs can be…