Stuart M. Brown

Stuart M Brown
He received his PhD in Molecular Biology from Cornell University.

Articles by Stuart M. Brown

NGS Quality Control in RNA Sequencing- Some Free Tools

RNA sequencing (‘RNA-seq’) has become one of the most widely used applications for Next-Generation Sequencing. RNA-seq can provide gene expression data more cheaply than microarray, at greater sensitivity, and without the biases inherent in an assay based on quantifying nucleic acid hybridization. RNA-seq can also provide data about alternative splicing, allele-specific expression, expression of non-annotated…

Sequencing genomes from Neanderthals to James Watson: The Roche 454 Genome Sequencer Explained

A revolution in 2005 The start of the NGS revolution was clearly marked in 2005 by the  publication of the complete genome sequences of two bacterium (Mycoplasma genitalium and Streptococcus pneumonia) by 454 Life Sciences Corporation in one run of their Genome Sequencer with a 96% coverage at 99.96 % accuracy (Margulies et al. 2005)….

Sequencing-by-Synthesis: Explaining the Illumina Sequencing Technology

The “sequencing-by-synthesis” technology now used by Illumina was originally developed by Shankar Balasubramanian and David Klenerman at the University of Cambridge. They founded the company Solexa in 1998 to commercialize their sequencing method. Illumina went on to purchase Solexa in 2007 and has built upon, and rapidly improved the original technology. Millions of reactions and…

Next Generation Sequencing Channel, A Revolution in Technology

Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) is a revolutionary new technology that provides biologists and medical scientists with the ability to collect massive amounts of DNA sequence data both rapidly and cheaply. This technology is having a huge impact on many aspects of biology and medicine because it can be applied in so many different ways….