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Image of balance and weights to represent calibration such as pipette calibration

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gloved hands hold result of making agar plates
How to Make the Perfect Agar Plate Every Time

Agar plates are the foundation of many experiments. Make sure your plates are perfect every time with these 8 tips and start your experiment ready for success!

Black boxes denoting nucleic acid extraction kits
A Complete Guide to How Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits Work

Nucleic acid extraction kits are routinely used in today’s molecular biology labs. Read on to learn more about what is inside these black boxes of wonder and how you can get the best results for your preps.

Person holding up a sample tube as if answering "what is a biomarker?"
What is a Biomarker? A Simple Explanation of Their Definitions, Types, and Applications

Biomarkers are fundamental in bioscience, from basic microbiological experiments to clinical studies. This article explains the different types of biomarkers and their application in cancer and disease research.

A full garbage sack resulting from the effort to organize your lab space for better productivity
10 Tips to Organize Your Lab Space for Better Productivity

Do you hate it when you get into the lab ready to get stuff done and then find yourself spending the first 45 minutes of the day hunting for what you need? We do too. So read these 10 tips to organize your lab space for better productivity and spend less time hunting for stuff and more time doing research.

Microscopy & Imaging

A researcher examining a microscope slide to fix adherent cells in a laboratory setting.
How To Fix Adherent Cells For Microscopy And Imaging

Adherent cell fixation is a crucial step in preparing cells for microscopy and imaging, ensuring that cellular structures are preserved for detailed analysis. Read our 8-step guide on how to effectively fix adherent cells to your microscope slides, including tips on sterilization, coating, and fixation methods, right here.

DNA / RNA Manipulation & Analysis

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