Suganth Kannan

MathforUS LLC
I am the President and CEO of MathforUS LLC, a company offering services in biotechnology, mathematical modelling, forecasting methods, and business consulting. I have organized and moderated a symposium at the annual meeting of the Florida Entomological Society and have published papers and served as a committee member at international conferences. My goal is to improve the quality of discoveries by scientists and businesses by providing solutions to their problems and bottlenecks. This will permit them to focus on their research and their creativity. Email: Website:

Articles by Suganth Kannan

Six Facts About Restriction Enzymes

Six Facts About Restriction Enzymes

When restrictions come in the form of paperwork and approvals, we detest them. Whereas, when the restrictions come in the form of enzymes, we love them, don’t we? Restriction enzymes play a key role in biotechnology research. Read ahead for six useful facts about restriction enzymes.  1.  Restriction enzymes are helpful to bacteria Restriction enzymes…