Tim de Martines

University of Würzburg
Throughout my studies I have always had very broad interests. I completed my bachelor in Biomedical Sciences with an internship in pathogenic mutations driving mitochondrial myopathies. Then, for my double degree master in Biomedical and Medical Science, for which I spent a year abroad in Japan, I studied a novel drug in head and neck cancer. I focussed on the potential for it to modify the immune response in and around the tumour. However, on the side I also pursued some bioinformatical research in Alzheimer, and did a project on matters including direct-to-consumer (DTC) testing and pharmacology. I am now taking this experience on board in my PhD at the University of Würzburg where I study immune suppression by an oncogene, allowing me to apply all of my different interests. Looking ahead I hope to use my knowledge and experiences to help others out there, as well as inform people about the potential of what we do in science.

Articles by Tim de Martines