Steffi Magub

Steffi recently completed her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Kent at Canterbury, and now works for Creative Lynx - a marketing and advertising company which works with a number of life sciences, healthcare and pharma companies. Her PhD thesis involved surveying the expression of EGF receptors and ligands in healthy and cancerous canine tissues and also determining the role of the HER2 receptor canine mammary cancer. Prior to her PhD, Steffi completed her BSc in Forensic Biology in 2008, where she carried out a research project exploring NRG3 expression in rat tissues. Steffi has been heavily involved with science communication, both through outreach activities to schools and the general public, and also through official presentations to pharmaceutical companies and academia. Steffi was a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Networking (STEMNet) Ambassador to the South-East of England from 2008 to 2011.

Articles by Steffi Magub:

Immunohistochemistry: Getting The Stain You Want

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a vital tool, not just at your wet bench but also in clinical labs the world over. IHC is used extensively in hospitals and veterinary practices in grading and studying cancers, and the results may determine what treatment a patient gets – including the controversial Herceptin! But it’s also pretty useful in…

20 Jul 2016 Microscopy and Imaging

How To Make Your Own ECL

ECL can be an expensive reagent in a lab, and what with it being involved in the final stage of a western blot, it’s something you don’t want to have to worry about too much. During my PhD, I was struggling with my western blots for ages – it seemed I was doing everything right,…

09 Jul 2016 Protein Expression and Analysis

Scientists Work Too Much – Is this Bad for Science?

In my time in the lab, I came across people with lots of different work ethics. The lazy scientists, the let-everybody-else-do-all-the-hard-work-for-me scientists, the strictly-nine-to-five scientists, the nocturnal scientists, the always-on-holiday scientists and, of course, the workaholic scientists. Science is no easy trade. It’s time consuming, and the pressure to get results can be huge. It’s…

21 Nov 2012 Personal Development

Top Ten Tips for Making Stock Solutions

Having to make stock solutions is a part of everyday lab life…a tedious, but necessary, one. So why not make the process as streamlined as possible? Here are a few little tricks I picked up while I was still in the lab: Check to see if anybody has a tried and tested recipe – why…

12 Nov 2012 Basic Lab Skills and Know-how

Book Review: “The Demon in the Freezer”, by Richard Preston

Before reading “The Demon in the Freezer”, I was rather ignorant about bioterrorism. The only instance of it that sprung to mind was the anthrax attacks on the United States shortly after 9/11. After reading Richard Preston’s book, I wish I was still as ignorant as I once was! Allow me to explain. Preston’s book…

02 Nov 2012 Inspiring and Thought Provoking