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Simon Bungers

Simon is one of the founders and CEO of labfolder (www.labfolder.com). He envisioned labfolder while doing his PhD at the Max Planck Institute, and after working as a strategy consultant, he became a passionate serial entrepreneur. For him, building innovative technology for the lab is the opportunity to improve a crucial part of society and economy: the research, the lab work, the development that leads to all the great technology which makes everyone’s life so much more convenient, safe and colorful.

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Articles by Simon Bungers

digital tools

5 Digital Tools to Increase Your Productivity in Research

By Simon Bungers | September 13, 2017

Scientific research is a constant battle against time. Whether it is your Masters, PhD or Postdoc, you always feel the pressure to generate data for external validation. For that, you need to spend your time on the bench and not at the desk, but that can be hard. Unfortunately, non-laboratory tasks occupy a large segment…

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