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Paul Hengen

Articles by Paul Hengen:

10 Ways to Be a Good Boss

As well as having had some negative work experiences, I’ve also had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people, including some of my previous bosses. Life is too short to deal with some of the idiosyncrasies described in Suzanne’s previous article on bad bosses. So let’s balance the scale and look at what it…

03 Jun 2009 Dealing with Fellow Scientists

Low-Tech lab gadgets and solutions: My All Time Favs

For the record, as well as loving Red Dwarf, I’m a huge fan of MacGyver, the TV secret agent who could build any device from everyday items found in the room. You name it…he could build it in 60 seconds or less using only the chewing gum and dental floss found in his pocket, escape…

13 Apr 2009 Equipment Mastery and Hacks

To-Do or Not To-Do. That is The Question.

The manner in which some people orchestrate their daily activities is sheer poetry. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. I need help…and lots of it. So I put a lot of thought into managing my To-Do Lists, and here I’ll share with you what I have learned. Most people I know in industry use…

19 Mar 2009 Organization and Productivity

Help! Excel Transmogrified My Gene Names!

I love that word. Transmogrified. It sounds like something Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, the writers of the sci-fi comedy series, Red Dwarf, would make up. As in, “Kryten and I were transmogrified into another time dimension”. Anyway, enough of 80’s cult TV shows. If you are still with me after the last two articles…

24 Feb 2009 Organization and Productivity

How to Create a Heatmap in Excel

Most available heatmap programs I’ve encountered cost too much, come bundled in a huge application, don’t do what I want, or don’t offer enough flexibility. In the previous article on heatmaps, I showed how you can use ASAP utilities to sort color-coded cells using this useful Excel Add-in. What I didn’t tell you is how…

03 Feb 2009 Lab Safety

Finally, Useful Heatmaps in Excel

Heat maps are a useful way to represent certain types of data; the data are colored by coloring according to the values in them, (e.g. red for high values, yellow for medium and green for low values), providing a powerful visual representation of a data set. This allows you to quickly see results from DNA…

27 Jan 2009 Organization and Productivity

A Molecular Geneticist’s Essential Gizmos

For our “fresh new” version of the website, I’ll kick off with a series of articles on describing the contents of my professional “toolbox”. So, let’s open ‘er up and see what we get. In this installment, I’ll skim the top tray and produce my list of basic gizmos that, just like beer and pizza,…

08 Jan 2009 Software and Online Tools
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