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Paolo Ricci

Paolo Ricci is an Italian scientist who studied and worked on stem cells differentiation protocols during his Master degree course in medical biotechnology in Parma, and in different European laboratories.

His interests span in many areas of science, from biology to astronomy and from psychology to engineering.

He will always find the time to read and write about everything that enhances human life conditions or improves our understanding of the nature surrounding us.

Paolo’s always expanding his knowledge and skills. He’s currently studying clinical trials procedures, Spanish language, and how to play guitar.

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Articles by Paolo Ricci

Lab Aches and how to Avoid them

Lab Aches and How to Avoid Them

By Paolo Ricci | August 15, 2018

Pipetting all day? Scrolling and scrolling through Excel columns trying to make sense of your data? Spending hours at the microscope because your boss wants Nature-worthy pictures? It’s not uncommon that performing lab work forces you into unhealthy postures, and after a day at work your spine begs for mercy. How Your Posture Suffers on…

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