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Paolo Ricci

Hello Bitesize Bio community. I hope you’ll enjoy the content of this website as much as we enjoyed creating it. I worked in medical research laboratories for 3 years and at Gilead Sciences for another 2 years as a Technical Writer. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn if you wish to share opinions or ideas.

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Articles by Paolo Ricci

Lab Aches and how to Avoid them

Lab Aches and How to Avoid Them

By Paolo Ricci | August 15, 2018

Pipetting all day? Scrolling and scrolling through Excel columns trying to make sense of your data? Spending hours at the microscope because your boss wants Nature-worthy pictures? It’s not uncommon that performing lab work forces you into unhealthy postures, and after a day at work your spine begs for mercy. How Your Posture Suffers on…

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