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Michael Harris

Mike completed his Master’s and PhD in Immunology at the University of Cambridge where he was based at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. He did his Postdoc at the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering at the Institute of Nanobiotechnology (INBT). His expertise is in Immunology, Cell Signaling, and Molecular Biology. While at the University of Cambridge Mike also lead small group teaching sessions in Genetics and Cell Signaling.

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Articles by Michael Harris

Designing a LOV2 Domain-Based Toolkit

Designing a LOV2 Domain-Based Toolkit

By Michael Harris | November 7, 2019

Cell Biology is entering the Age of Light with a spectrum of new optogenetics tools available to control protein function using light. Once the remit of neuroscientists [1], the past decade has yielded a bounty of novel light-controllable domains that are now being leveraged to illuminate the dark corners of basic cell biology [2,3]. The…

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