Lakshini Mendis

Lakshini Mendis received her PhD from the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland, where she studied lipid changes in the human brain in Alzheimer’s disease. She is currently working as a freelance science editor and writer, before pursuing a postdoc. She is also a strong advocate for women in STEM and is the co-editor-in-chief of the Scientista Foundation blog. Follow her musings on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn!

Articles by Lakshini Mendis:

The A to Z of Histological Stains

With the use of stains and dyes, histology allows researchers to visualize particular tissue structures, chemical elements within cells, tissues and even microorganisms. The advent and evolution of histology follows that of microscopy as outlined in ‘A (very) Short History of Histology’. Histology, which means ‘tissue science’ became an academic discipline in its own right…

06 Sep 2017 Microscopy & Imaging

Applying Your MALDI Matrix Like a Boss

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (or simply, MALDI) is a type of mass spectrometry method. If you are new to mass spectrometry, check out our excellent primers, titled How Does Mass Spec Work and Get Out of Western Blot Hell: An intro to Mass Spec. Basically, however, mass spectrometry allows you to measure, sort, and quantify small…

25 Jul 2017 Analytical Chemistry and Chromatography Techniques

A Quick Guide to Organizing Your First Academic Event

Scientific meetings provide an opportunity to learn, network, and explore new ideas.  They are also an exciting break from the usual lab routine. Although organizing a Departmental or Institutional academic event takes up your research time, the experience helps develop leadership, project and budget management, and problem solving skills that will make your CV shine.…

14 Jun 2017 Career Development & Networking

Fine-Tune Your MALDI-TOF to Produce Good-looking Mass Spectra

Mass Spec is all about getting the perfect peaks. Without a good peak assigning the correct mass is impossible and you cannot make accurate identifications. Make sure you know how to adjust your MALDI-TOF instrument parameters to achieve your perfect peak. In our previous posts ‘How does Mass Spec Work’ and ‘Imaging Mass Spectrometry: the…

23 Aug 2016 Analytical Chemistry and Chromatography Techniques

Imaging Mass Spectrometry: The New(ish) Kid on the Block

IMS is a rapidly advancing technique that nicely blends the best bits of mass spectrometry with microscopic imaging. Learn more about it and how it could be applied to your work.

09 Jul 2016 Microscopy & Imaging

How to Choose Your MALDI (Soul) Matrix

gif by Kronin Okay not talking about that kind of matrix. But the kind of matrix that is crucial for MALDI (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization). I talked briefly about MALDI in my last article, Imaging Mass Spectrometry: The New(ish) Kid on the Block. Now I want to tell you more about MALDI, specifically the matrix.…

09 Jul 2016 Analytical Chemistry and Chromatography Techniques