Jill Muhling

I run the GSEx viral vector core at the University of Adelaide as my own personal fiefdom. My favourite activities are snacking and making fun of graduate students. I will talk about science to anyone who wanders within range.

Articles by Jill Muhling:

How to Get a Scientific Research Job in the US (If You Are Coming from Elsewhere)

Growing up in Australia, I remember a common phrase: ‘only in America’. Sometimes this was in reference to bizarre cultural events or phenomena but it was generally accepted that the USA was an extraordinary place, where everything was bigger, brighter, and more outrageous. America has fostered a culture of big ideas and innovation, partly because…

19 Jun 2019 Career Development & Networking

How to Foster Lab Cooperation

Research isn’t easy. Not only do you deal with experimental failures and demanding supervisors, you also work with other lab members — people who are under the same pressures and stresses as you. Staff, postdocs, PhD students, and undergrads are often given bench space and a desk and encouraged to sort out the personal side…

04 Oct 2017 Dealing with Fellow Scientists

The Three Ts of Introducing Foreign DNA: Transfection, Transduction, and Transformation

Introducing foreign DNA into bacterial or eukaryotic cells is a common molecular biology technique. Some of the terminology involved can be confusing: transformation, transfection and transduction. What do these words actually mean? To make matters worse, sometimes people use these terms interchangeably, resulting in confusion between colleagues and collaborating labs. Here then is your definitive guide…

24 Jan 2017 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

Outsourcing Research: Should Your Experiment Spend Some Time Away from You?

As a researcher, it’s satisfying to manage your own projects and do the bench work yourself. After all, if you don’t have experience with a technique, you’re usually expected to figure it out (with or without direct supervision). In some situations, dealing with difficult molecular techniques is simply part of the job description. The scientific…

18 Jan 2017 Basic Lab Skills and Know-how

Viral Vector Production: Myths & Misconceptions

Viral vector production is a worthwhile skill that can be made even easier with a few tips and tricks. In general, transfection of multiple plasmids into a producer cell line results in infectious, non-replicative virus. However, it is important to ensure that your vector preparation is efficient, giving your experiments the best chance of success.…

10 Jan 2017 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis