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Debashree Basu

I am an Analytical Development Scientist in a Gene Therapy Company and work in the Boston Area. I received my PhD in Biochemistry from Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, India, studying infectious diseases. I was a Research Scientist at the University of Texas Medical Branch and Researcher V at the University of Minnesota. I have been working in science laboratories for the past 17 years and would like to share my experiences with Bitesize Bio members. I am also a mom who juggles a career in science.

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Articles by Debashree Basu

DNA Shuffling Like a Pro

DNA Shuffling Like a Pro

By Debashree Basu | October 20, 2016

DNA shuffling uses PCR technology in a very creative way. It allows you modify your protein to make a new protein you want. You can evolve proteins in microcentrifuge tubes on your very own lab bench. Isn’t that fantastic? DNA shuffling is also a very powerful technique for directed molecular evolution. W. Stemmer first used…

tag-removing proteases

A Beginner’s Guide to Tag-Removing Proteases

By Debashree Basu | September 28, 2016

Every biochemist is familiar with proteases. More often than not, proteases cause a lot of anxiety. To this end, a lot of research has been done in developing techniques to prevent the activity of proteases. But some of these proteases can be the good guys too! For example, you can use them to separate your…

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