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Cecilia Grimaldi

Cecilia Grimaldi obtained her undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Bologna, Italy. She then went on to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Muenster, rainy Germany, where she studies the mechanisms controlling single cell migration in zebrafish. Currently (and hopefully), she is in the last year of her doctoral studies. To sate her hunger for science and writing, she aims to become a science writer (logic, no?). She especially enjoys reaching out to the general public because she believes every Homo sapiens sapiens is a potential scientist after all. Indeed, who has never asked themselves questions about the surrounding - or inner - world and then looked for the answers? Find out more about her scientific investigation of everyday life in her blog “Back To Bios”: https://backtobios.wordpress.com/about/

Articles by Cecilia Grimaldi:

Couples Counselling for Zebrafish: How to Optimize Breeding Efficiency

It’s Sunday morning, the sun has just begun to rise, and you find yourself on the way to the lab (again!), sipping hot coffee and melancholically thinking of your abandoned bed. But something is different this time. Today, the freezing-cold wind blowing from behind is not the only motivation pushing you to sacrifice another weekend in…

Couples Counseling for Zebrafish
31 Jul 2018 Cells and Model Organisms
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