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Allison Mayle

Allison earned her PhD in Molecular and Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and is now a Postdoc at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. In lab, she studies epigenetics in leukemia, but also enjoys teaching and talking about a wide variety of scientific topics. She loves participating in outreach events and is starting to explore more avenues of scientific communication.

Articles by Allison Mayle:

Four Ways to Get CRISPR Reagents Into Your Cells

Do you need to test the effects of mutating a gene in your system? Then, CRISPR genome editing is the way to go. Your first step is to decide on good target sequences. Then, you have to get the two components of CRISPR: the Cas9 nuclease and “guide” RNA (gRNA). Even though you’ve read up on…

13 Mar 2017 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis
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