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Thomas Warwick

I’m a Chemistry graduate who defected to the world of biosciences to complete a Ph.D. in Structural Biology. My expertise lies in the structural analysis of chemicals, membrane proteins, and protein/DNA complexes via X-ray crystallography. I currently work as a Technical Specialist in Biophysics at Nottingham Trent University. My antidote to practical science is to be outside as much as possible, usually cycling, camping, and drinking tea.

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Articles by Thomas Warwick

An image of different types of salt to depict ways to distinguish between salt and protein crystals

5 Easy Ways to Tell Salt and Protein Crystals Apart

By Thomas Warwick | November 2, 2021

How do you make sure that the crystals you have grown are of your target protein? Can you tell salt and protein crystals apart without using X-ray diffraction? Yes, you can. Read on to discover five easy ways to distinguish between salt and protein crystals.

An image of a kid holding colorful pencils to depict using molecular visualization tools.

Learn to Draw a Molecule in PyMOL™ in 8 Easy Steps

By Thomas Warwick | September 16, 2021

Discover how to easily draw proteins and nucleic acids using molecular visualization tools with our step-by-step tutorial.

Image of teddy bears in bubbles as a funny wa to represent the need to remove excess detergent from membrane proteins

Beat Back the Bubbles: 6 Ways to Remove Excess Detergent from Your Membrane Protein Sample

By Thomas Warwick | August 26, 2021

Excess detergent in your membrane proteins samples can cause you serious headaches. We’ve got you covered with 6 ways you can remove excess detergent from membrane proteins.

An image of salt crystals to depict the crystallization of protein–DNA complexes

Crystallize Your Protein–DNA Complex by Optimizing These Key Parameters

By Thomas Warwick | July 27, 2021

Looking to engineer a crystal? Here are some key parameters to optimize to give you the maximum chance of success at crystallizing protein DNA–complexes.

An image of a man punching liquid to depict improving protein expression using osmotic shock

Improving the Expression of Insoluble and Inactive Proteins Using Osmotic Shock

By Thomas Warwick | July 6, 2021

Discover a better way to improve the expression of your insoluble and inactive proteins using osmotic shock.

Image of soap bubbles to represent working with membrane proteins

Working with Membrane Proteins: Tips for Expressing, Extracting, and Purifying Your Membrane Protein Sample

By Thomas Warwick | June 15, 2021

Working with membrane proteins can be tricky. Read on to get tried-and-tested tips and tricks for expressing, extracting, and purifying these water-phobic proteins.

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