Battle of the Methods: Whole Transcriptome Versus mRNA-seq

By Thermo Fisher | January 17, 2019

Maybe you want to examine the entire transcriptome or maybe you want to investigate changes in expression from your favorite gene. You could do whole transcriptome sequencing or mRNA-seq. But which one is right for your project? From budget considerations to sample collection, let’s briefly look at both to see which might be best for your…

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Optimal Conditions for Live-Cell Imaging

By Sulov Saha | January 16, 2019

Live-cell imaging is the investigation of dynamic physiological processes in living cells using time-lapse imaging from milliseconds to hours. Live-cell imaging turns multiple snapshots to movies, which is in contrast to fixed-cell imaging that examines cellular activity at a time point. Typical applications of live-cell imaging that are used to study kinetic events include enzyme…

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Analyzing RNA-Seq Data

By Thermo Fisher | January 16, 2019

RNA-seq is based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) and allows for discovery, quantitation and profiling of RNA. The technique is quickly taking over a slightly older method of RNA microarrays to get a more complete picture of gene expression in a cell. Data generated by RNA-seq can illustrate variations in gene expression, identify single nucleotide polymorphisms…

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