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Coffee being poured through a filter to demonstrate filtration

How Filtration Works: A Short Guide for Biologists

If you’ve worked in a lab, odds are you’ve had an encounter with filtration of one sort or another. Do you understand exactly how filters work, though? Or have you wondered why certain filters are used for certain lab applications?

A woman with a large red textbook covering the bottom half of her face to represent the top features of ReadCube Papers for scientists

How To Get Organized With Reference Managers for Science—ReadCube Papers

Discover more about how ReadCube Papers can help you keep on top of your references.

Origami representing refolding proteins after bacterial expression

A Protein Renaturation Toolkit: 21 Tips and Tricks for Refolding Proteins

Expressing your protein of interest but not sure if it’s properly folded or struggling with inclusion bodies? Read on to discover advice and tips for battling inclusion bodies and refolding proteins

A bearded man with a stained top holding stained laundry to convey protein staining methods

Protein Staining Methods: An Overview of 3 of the Best

There are several great protein staining methods, but how do you pick the one that’s appropriate to your intended application? Read on to find out.

Image of a filing cabinet with open drawers and lots of coloured files to represent the reference manager EndNote

How to Get Organized With Reference Managers for Science—EndNote

Learn more about the key features of EndNote to work out if it’s the right reference manager for you.

Virus under magnifying glass representing counting viruses using flow virometry

Flow Cytometry Gone Viral: Introducing Flow Virometry

Do you want to know about a cool way to detect and tell the difference between virus particles? Then read on to discover flow virometry!

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