Laemmli Buffer: What Is It for Anyway?

By Dimitris Skliros | November 14, 2019

Electrophoresis encompasses a wide range of techniques in which charged biomolecules in a liquid, a solid, or a semisolid solution can be separated by size under the application of an electric field. The most common application of electrophoresis for the separation of proteins is SDS-PAGE (sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis), which has been previously covered here.  …

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Getting Sensitive: Diagnostic Sensitivity and Specificity Simplified

By Heinz Reiske | November 12, 2019

What Do We Mean by Diagnostic Sensitivity? In clinical diagnostics, questions about the sensitivity of an assay will inevitably surface. But what does “sensitivity” mean exactly? The lowest quantity of the given analyte that an assay can detect is often called sensitivity – and to be clear, this quantity is the analytical sensitivity or Limit…

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Designing a LOV2 Domain-Based Toolkit

By Michael Harris | November 7, 2019

Cell Biology is entering the Age of Light with a spectrum of new optogenetics tools available to control protein function using light. Once the remit of neuroscientists [1], the past decade has yielded a bounty of novel light-controllable domains that are now being leveraged to illuminate the dark corners of basic cell biology [2,3]. The…

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