How to Marie Kondo Your Laboratory

By Daphne Ng | May 22, 2019

Does your laboratory resemble the nest of an overly enthusiastic laboratory rat that went on a scavenger hunt and squirrelled away all that it has found? Do you find yourself playing Jenga with stacks of Petri dishes and freezer boxes? Have you ever attempted to decipher the meaning of the mysterious string of numbers on…

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How to Feed Fruit Fly Larvae Small Molecules

By Kayly Lembke | April 30, 2019

Generally speaking, fruit flies are a great model system. Not only are they small, thus taking up very little space in the lab, but their adult lifespan is only 40-60 days, so you can track age-dependent changes without having to wait months and months. Fruit flies also display complex behaviors and more than 75% of…

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Cryofixation and Chemical Fixation for Electron Microscopy

By Louise Hughes | April 23, 2019

Specimen preparation is the most important aspect of biological electron microscopy (EM), as it influences everything from the preservation of the sample itself to the kind of information that can be obtained. It is vital to define the questions you are asking of the sample before embarking on an electron microscopy project. This enables you…

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