Kidney Organoids in a Dish

By PeproTech | February 15, 2018

Kidney Modeling with Kidney Organoids Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Stem cells are a valuable tool for kidney disease modeling as well as experimental regenerative medicine and drug screening. There are more than twenty different cell types in the mature kidney, which adds to the complexity of the model, but also provides the opportunity…

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Troubleshooting a Faulty ELISA

By Omonse Talton | February 14, 2018

Is ELISA giving you the blues? The frustrating kind, not the lovely kind you get while watching the enzyme substrate reaction! This age old assay has the perks of being quick and fairly simple to perform, but when conditions are not perfect, ELISAs can deliver less than optimal results, and fail to be consistent and…

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How to Unclog Your Flow Cytometer

By Kristen Haberthur | February 13, 2018

Welcome back, fellow flow cytometry friend! I am sure that you are rocking your data acquisition at this point, having perfected your understanding of panel set up, fluorophore usage, and using the flow cytometer of your choice. However, with as many samples as you are running, it is possible that you may be experiencing a…

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