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Wooden blocks spelling DIY DNA for Build your own PCR machine.

How to Build Your Own PCR Machine

You can build your own PCR machine using tools and equipment you can get easily and without breaking the bank. Well, what are you waiting for?

Neon coloured hexagon to represent chemiluminescence in how to make ECL reagent

How To Make ECL Reagent: 4 Ingredients, Better Blots

ECL is an expensive reagent. Why not learn how to make ECL yourself? This cheap and simple option will give you better blots more often!

Cartoon of lumberjacks as a play on words for splitting cells to represent how to passage cells

How To Passage Cells in Culture

Learn the basics of how to passage cells in culture with this easy-to-follow guide. While the specifics change per cell line, the basics remain.

A scientist in full PPE looking happy because she has learned 12 tips for working in a biosafety cabinet

12 Top Tips for Working in a Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety cabinets keep your work safe from contamination, and you safe from your work. So here are 12 tips for Working in a biosafety cabinet!

A selection of colored pencils representing spectral unmixing in flow cytometry.

Nail Your Unmixing for Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry: 7 Top Tips

Spectral unmixing in flow cytometry is the key to great data from your full spectrum flow cytometry. Get this wrong, and you risk unreliable results. Read our top 7 tips from a flow cytometry core facilities expert to nail your unmixing.

An example food label to represent what's in your cell culture media

What’s in Your Cell Culture Medium?

Do you know what each ingredient in cell culture media does? Read on to take a look at the common ingredients and break down their roles.

Episode 60 — Dropping Grudges Will Change Your Life. Trust Us.
The Happy Scientist
Episode 60 — Dropping Grudges Will Change Your Life. Trust Us.

#60 — Have you been wronged? Are you righteously indignant? Are you that most popular of characters today: a Victim? In this episode, we will give you the keys to set you free. Then you can decide whether you prefer grudges or freedom. Hosted by Bitesize Bio’s own Dr. Nick Oswald featuring Kenneth Vogt of…

Michael Albiez talks to Peter O'Toole in episode #57 of The Microscopists.
The Microscopists

#57 — Michael Albiez is CEO of Carl Zeiss Research Microscopy Solutions. He chats to Peter O’Toole about how Zeiss Microscopy recently won the German Future Prize live on national TV, and he shares what it’s like to connect with many different researchers who all use microscopy in their work. We also hear about his…

Sara De Biasi and Andrea Cossarizza joins Peter O'Toole for episode #6 of Flow Stars.
Flow Stars

#6 — Season 3. Sara De Biasi and Andrea Cossarizza from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) chat with Peter O’Toole about how they were able to quickly respond to news of a novel coronavirus as early as January 2020, and how their work was crucial to understanding the effect of COVID-19 on…

Eva Amsen interviews Mimi Ho in episode #6 of Cryo-Talk

#6 — Mimi Ho is Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University. In this episode of Cryo-Talk, Mimi joins Eva Amsen to talk about her career journey from industry to academia, her support network, and how Mighty the dog has been helping in the lab. She also shares what it has been like…

How to Write a Thoughtful Discussion for Your Scientific Paper
Mentors At Your Benchside

#40 — Are you struggling to write the discussion section of your paper? It can be daunting to put your results in context and to thoughtfully consider limitations and future experiments, but we’ve collected some useful advice to help you on your way. Visit our website to read the full article. If you need more…

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