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Pins on a map to represent spatial separation in the context of protein colocalization.

Protein Colocalization: 2 Essential Methods to Prove Protein Overlap

You know the drill. To prove your theory, you must show the colocalization of X and Y in a cell. Here are 2 ways to reveal protein colocalization.

A girl in a gas mask pointing to this article: how to use a fume hood

How to Use a Fume Hood: 10 Top Tips

Want to know how to use a fume hood? Keep your head out of it for starters. Here are 10 extra tips to keep you safe when using one!


Are Your Patterns Holding Your Research Back?

We all have patterns for tasks. While good patterns are helpful, bad ones can sabotage your career. Learn to identify and destroy harmful patterns.

Ponceau S staining represented by a red dye stain.

What Ponceau S Staining Can Reveal About Your Western Blot

Discover how Ponceau S works, how to perform staining, and get a detailed guide to interpreting what the staining means when troubleshooting your failed blots.

A girl looking at chemicals with explosion residue on her face because she didn't read the safety data sheet

Deciphering your Materials Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheets tell us how to handle and dispose of every chemical we use. This article explains what they are and how to decipher them.

Liquid nitrogen safety - using liquid nitrogen to make icecream highlights potential safety issues

Liquid Nitrogen Safety In The Lab: 10 Tips To Avoid LN2 Dangers

Liquid nitrogen isn’t just cool, it’s potentially deadly. We share our 10 tips for staying safe while working with liquid nitrogen.

The Happy Scientist

Actionable steps to help you stay happy, focused, and satisfied in the lab.

The Microscopists

Revealing, entertaining, and personal meetings with the great microscopists of our time.

Flow Stars

Candid conversations with the big hitters of Flow Cytometry.


A Cryo-EM podcast from Bitesize Bio and ThermoFisher Scientific.

Mentors At Your Benchside

Curated help and advice from experienced researchers.

Listen In

Tap into the experience and expertise of leading researchers and commercial specialists.

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