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CRISPR Methods, techniques & advice

21 Sep 2022

cleaning products to depict the process of cleaning pipettes

Take Care of Your Tools: Cleaning Pipettes

Contamination in your pipette can mean contamination in your experiments, making cleaning pipettes regularly critical. Here’s an easy guide on how to do it.

Scales to represent relative quantification of qPCR data using a reference gene.

Methods for Relative Quantification of qPCR Data: Yes, There is More Than One

Want to know the best way to perform relative quantification for your qPCR data? Read on.

A hand in rubber gloves holding a selection of scalpels for performing various DNA gel extraction methods.

Kit-Free DNA Gel Extraction Methods: 3 Old School Protocols to Save Money

Kits for DNA gel extraction are a great way to save time in the lab, but they are costly and produce much plastic waste. Discover three easy kit-free DNA gel extraction methods that can save you money and reduce waste in the lab.

A researcher holding multiple numbers to depict western blot quantification

The 4 Important Steps for Western Blot Quantification

Western blot quantification can show how protein expression changes between conditions and treatments. Discover the 4 critical steps you need for quantification.

An plane which has landed on the runway to depict the process of touchdown pcr

What is Touchdown PCR? A Primer and 5 Easy Tips For Success

Got non-specific PCR amplification? You need touchdown PCR! Discover what it is, how it works, and get 5 top tips for performing touchdown PCR.

A scientists at a laptop exploring what accessibility in science is and how we can all make science more accessible and inclusive.

Accessibility in Science: How Can We Make Science More Accessible? 

Let’s be honest—we scientists don’t always present our science in ways that are accessible to everyone. Nor is lab-based science always accessible. Explore what accessibility in science is and how we can all make science more accessible and inclusive.

Oil droplets to depict the use of oil in oil immersion microscopy

How Using Oil Immersion Microscopy Can Increase Your Resolution

By Martin Wilson

Oil immersion microscopy can improve your resolution in microscopy. This article will explain why this is the case and how you can use oil immersion microscopy in the lab!

The Happy Scientist Episode 57
The Happy Scientist
Episode 57 — What You Can do to Improve Yourself and Your Science

#57 — Remember when you were a wide-eyed child and you dreamed of being the person who would invent some world-changing gizmo? You had lots of ideas back then. But now that you’re all grown up and worse yet, EDUCATED, have you run out of notions? Or have you found you have them but you…

Elisabeth Bik talks to Peter O'Toole in episode #X of The Microscopists.
The Microscopists

#49 — In this episode, we talk to Elisabeth Bik, former microbiome researcher turned scientific integrity consultant. Elizabeth spends her time searching biomedical literature for inappropriately manipulated photographic images and plagiarized text, and often discusses these on Twitter at @MicrobiomDigest. Following her successful scientific career in the lab, a stolen sentence she authored led her…

Sara De Biasi and Andrea Cossarizza joins Peter O'Toole for episode #6 of Flow Stars.
Flow Stars

#6 — Season 3. Sara De Biasi and Andrea Cossarizza from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) chat with Peter O’Toole about how they were able to quickly respond to news of a novel coronavirus as early as January 2020, and how their work was crucial to understanding the effect of COVID-19 on…

Eva Amsen interviews Eva Nogales in episode #X of Cryo-Talk

#2 — Eva Nogales of UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory uses cryoEM to study cellular processes related to cytoskeletal self-assembly and gene expression. In this episode of Cryo-Talk, Eva joins our host Eva Amsen to discuss the use of CryoEM to study complex cell biology systems and more. She chats about her current…

Top 10 Tips for Viva Success
Mentors At Your Benchside

#16 — Is your viva on the horizon? Many people think viva exams are going to be painful. But what if you could make your viva go smoothly and maybe even enjoy it? Listen to our top 10 viva tips to get advice from a viva survivor. Check out some other articles on our site…

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