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Child using an abbacus to represent automatic cell counting

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Graphic of a jumbo jet flying on a blue background to represent our PhD Abroad Guide
Personal Advice on Doing a PhD Abroad

Read this guide for essential tips on choosing the right international PhD program. Learn about different funding options, course structures, and cultural considerations to ensure you make the best decision for your academic and personal growth.

A picture of a child's hand with a smiley face drawn on in sunscreen to represent how UV light damages DNA
How UV Light Damages DNA and the Havoc it Can Cause to Your Experiments

Learn how UV radiation causes DNA mutations. Read about about the mechanisms that lead to skin cancer and the detrimental effects that UV light can have on our DNA-based experiments.

A box of tools to represent getting the latest microscope technology by building your own.
Getting the Latest Microscope Technology into Your Lab: To Build or To Buy?

Discover whether it’s better to build or buy the latest microscope technology for your lab. This article weighs the advantages of custom builds against the ease and reliability of purchasing from vendors, helping you make the best choice for your research needs.

An image of beer bottles and mugs denoting ethanol used for ethanol precipitation
Ethanol Precipitation of DNA and RNA: How it Works

Using ethanol precipitation to isolate or concentrate your nucleic acids? Find out how this routinely used technique works, and get tips to produce the best results.

Microscopy & Imaging

Child using an abbacus to represent automatic cell counting
Quick and Easy Automatic Cell Counting in 4 Steps

This article explains a simple, 4-step method for automatic cell counting with ImageJ. Perfect for your cell proliferation studies, gene expression analysis, or whatever your downstream application might be.

DNA / RNA Manipulation & Analysis

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