Extracting Circulating microRNA, Part Two: Isolation Methods

By Jelena Jankovic | March 21, 2018

In the second part of this two part series on analyzing extracellular microRNA (miRNA) from blood or serum, we continue with the methods for miRNA extraction. Generally, there are two different approaches for microRNA isolation. The first of these is organic, liquid-liquid. The total RNA extraction method employs phenol/chloroform isolation with guanidine isotiocyanate as a…

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Small Differences that Matter: Detecting Microsatellite Polymorphisms

By Ilona Marecko | March 21, 2018

If you have any training in genetics, chances are that during the course of your education you ran into those funny little sequences called microsatellites. These are repeated tandem motifs 1-6 nucleotides long, scattered all over our genomes. These used to be called “junk DNA,” because researchers thought that the repeats served no purpose. Nowadays,…

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Top 5 Errors in Pipetting

By Biotix | March 20, 2018

    Pipettes are not just fancy handlebars for your tips, they are essential for precisely measuring and dispensing liquids. These standard ‘tools of your trade’ enable you to accurately repeat experiments, validate results, make important comparisons between projects and eventually publish that outstanding paper. But there are a few pipette pitfalls. And they don’t…

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