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Statistics representation of a pie chart to visualize microbiome data.

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Weight scales represent weighing up the pros and cons of crispr cas9
Pros and Cons of CRISPR: Simple Tips for Weighing Up CRISPR for Genome Editing

While CRISPR offers vast applications in disease research and drug target identification, it’s not always the optimal choice for every scenario. Explore the main advantages and challenges of using CRISPR-Cas9 to determine if it’s the right fit for your project.

High angle view of two interviewers interviewing a young man to represent answering popular postdoc interview questions
Postdoc Interview Preparation: Sample Questions and Answers to Ace Your Interview

Are you trying to prepare for an interview but not sure what sort of questions you’ll get asked? Check out our top 10 Postdoc interview questions to help you prepare.

Image of toilet tissue as a pun about tissue processing for histology
Tissue Processing For Histology: What Exactly Happens?

Tissue processing for histology is a key step between fixation and embedding. We take you through the steps of tissue processing in this simple guide.

Yellow 'Cleaning in Progress' floor sign to represent effective laboratory sterilization methods
6 Laboratory Sterilization Methods

Effective laboratory sterilization methods are essential for working with isolated cell lines. Read our guide to the top 6 sterilization techniques to banish those bugs.

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