Protocols for Cloning Without Restriction Enzymes or Ligases

By Takara Bio | November 8, 2018

There are many cloning methods that do not require restriction enzymes or ligases. Read below to learn about how to achieve seamless cloning results via Topoisomerase cloning, SLIC, and Gibson. Method #1: Topoisomerase Technology Topoisomerase technology requires no special primers and no ligases – it is as easy as cloning comes. This technology is based…

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An Introduction to Live Cell Imaging

By Lumenera | November 8, 2018

The term live cell imaging collectively refers to the technologies used to capture images of cells in a living, active state, either as individual static pictures or as time-lapse series. Correspondingly, the applications of live cell imaging can be divided in two broad categories: image recording of cells in their natural, living state observing and…

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Five Methods for Assessing Protein Purity and Quality

By Fluidic Analytics | November 8, 2018

If you’ve ever worked with proteins in the lab, you probably know just how critical protein purity and quality are for downstream applications. In this article, we’ll review the multitude of problems that are encountered with ‘bad’ protein samples and how you can analyze the purity and integrity of your favorite protein prior to using…

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