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An image of two lengths of copper wire, one of which is being cut with wire cutters by an electrician, to represent alternative splicing

What is Alternative Splicing, and Why Is It Important?

Need to brush up on your alternative splicing knowledge? We’re here to help with our guide to this splicing mechanism.

Image of woman in front of an archway to represent gateway cloning

Essential Factors for Successful Gateway Cloning

Want to use Gateway cloning or having trouble using this technology? Find out how it works and get helpful tips to increase your success.

An image of a kid holding colorful pencils to depict using molecular visualization tools.

Learn to Draw a Molecule in PyMOL™ in 8 Easy Steps

Discover how to easily draw proteins and nucleic acids using molecular visualization tools with our step-by-step tutorial.

A pile of books with an open book on top to represent keeping track of the scientific literature

Keeping Track of Your Literature

We show you how to get organized and develop a system to stay on top of your literature reviews.

image of fluorescent lights to represent choosing a fluorescent protein

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Fluorescent Protein

Discover the critical considerations when choosing a fluorescent protein, the key features of those most commonly used, and why newer might be better.

Image of two hands shaking to represent the physcial interaction of proteins in a quantitative yeast two-hybrid assay

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Quantitative Beta-galactosidase Assay for Y2H Screening

Want to know not only if your proteins bind but quantify the interaction? We walk you through how to perform a quantitative yeast two-hybrid assay.

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