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Tips for Using and Maintaining Your Laboratory’s Freeze Dryer

Keep your lab’s freeze dryer running smoothly with our expert tips on care and maintenance, including oil changes and vacuum leak fixes.

Funding Opportunities and the Flow of Money in Science

Gain insights into the flow of funding for scientific research. This article breaks down the funding landscape and explains the differences between government, industry, and foundation funding. Learn how navigating these sources can shape your career and accelerate your research endeavors.

Isoelectric Focusing: A Simple Way to Enhance Your Protein Separation

Isoelectric focusing is a way of separating proteins and peptides based on their isoelectric point. Read all about this method and its applications right here.

How to Become an Expert at Getting Funded

Become an expert at getting your life science research funded with insights from a seasoned biomedical engineering researcher. Learn how to develop essential skills, such as confidence, independent thinking, consistent reading, effective writing, and embracing criticism in this essential guide.

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