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5 Products That Could Make Your Lab Life Easier

5 Products That Could Make Your Lab Life EasierToday I was browsing through the “new technologies” section on the Biocompare website. Apart from the amazing but super-expensive automation equipment that most of us unfortunately have little chance of getting our hands on (at least at the moment), five products caught my eye as being useful for improving techniques widely used by researchers. I hope you find some, or all, of them of interest to you…

1. RNAstable
RNAstableâ„? from Biomatrica is a novel storage buffer that gives long-term stability to RNA samples at room temperature. This obviously makes long-term RNA storage much more reliable and since there is no need for cold storage, it is especially good news if you have to ship RNA samples.

2. Signal Enhancer HIKARI
Want to increase the sensitivity of Western Blots and ELISA assays by up to ten fold? Then just use this antibody diluent, developed by Nacalai USA, instead of your normal diluent. Could it be easier?

3. RNeasy Plus Kits
Qiagen have developed this kit for the purification of RNA for sensitive applications like RT-PCR. The kit followed the standard RNeasy format and protocol, but includes a novel gDNA eliminator spin column that removes gDNA without the use of DNAase. Micro format versions are also available for small precious sample

4. KAPA2G Fast PCR Kits
If you are looking for fast PCR then check out the KAPA2G Fast PCR Kit from Kapa Biosystems. The DNA polymerase supplied with the kit has an astonishing extension time of 1kb/second. It is not a proof-reading polymerase but it’s useful for speeding up PCR assays and other procedures that don’t require proof-reading.

5. Collect 6.1
This one is not a kit, but a piece of software that could save you a lot of mundane data entry. It’s a universal interfacing software that can automate the collection of data from a whole range of lab instruments (e.g. specs, balances, pH meters – basically anything with a serial output cable). The software collects the data and enters the values straight into Excel or any other windows application.

What makes your life easier in the lab? Let us know!

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