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2015 Staff Picks: Cloning and Expression


We’re in the week between the 25th and 1st—the holiday week. If you’re in a college town, traffic is easy and parking restrictions have been lifted. With the staff picks of articles from the Cloning and Expression channel, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Jen Redig, Managing Editor

8 Basic Points to Remember Before Expressing Proteins in Bacterial Systems
By Shoa Naqvi, July 20th 21015

Whether you are planning a protein expression experiment for the first time or the tenth. This article is a great read. For the un-experienced it is a great introductory article. For the experienced it works as a checklist – helping you plan for success.


Rebecca Tirabassi, Managing Editor

Understanding Plasmid Incompatibility
By Karen O’Hanlon Cohrt – 16th March, 2015

This is one article in a great series by Karen.  She does a good job of explaining a complicated topic.

Amanda Welch, Editorial Manager

Get Great Yields by Optimizing Your Bacterial Cultures
By Laura Fulford – 19th January, 2015

This article represents everything that we try to do here at Bitesize Bio. It has a fun, conversational tone and provides the basics of how to do something in the lab. Plus, Laura is a fantastic author.

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