Plasmid archiving at Addgene

searchable plasmid database at addgeneAddgene is a non-profit plasmid repository that stores and distributes plasmids for academic labs. It’s great if you work in an academic lab and they happen to have your plasmid – drop them an order and get your plasmid in the mail. I don’t work in an academic lab, but I still love addgene… here’s why…

In addition to their repository they also have a great (and free) searchable plasmid archiving facility called addgene labs. Opening an account for your lab gives you a laboratory plasmid archives database and also a personal database for your own plasmids, which can be viewed by others in your lab. You can also send e-mail invites to lab members, allowing them to get their own database within your lab account.

As far as I am aware there are no similar services available on the web so I have just signed up…  now I can say goodbye to Excel files full of plasmid lists!

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