DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

The Three Ts of Introducing Foreign DNA: Transfection, Transduction, and Transformation

introducing foreign dna

Introducing foreign DNA into bacterial or eukaryotic cells is a common molecular biology technique. Some of the terminology involved can be confusing: transformation, transfection and transduction. What do these words actually mean? To make matters worse, sometimes people use these terms interchangeably, resulting in confusion between colleagues and collaborating labs. Here then is your definitive guide…

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AAV Production Part II: Virus Purification

virus purification

In Part I of AAV Production, I described how to produce crude (non-purified) AAV. In this article, I am going to tell you how to purify that crude prep. Virus purification is usually done by gradient ultracentrifugation. Two common methods involve gradients made from increasing concentrations of cesium chloride or iodixanol. A cesium chloride prep…

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