About Bitesize Bio

Bitesize Bio started as a one-man blog in 2007, when Nick Oswald started writing articles that shared his bits and pieces of wisdom, know-how and solutions gained during his 9 years in the lab, incase anyone might find them useful.

Since then, Bitesize Bio has mushroomed into a knowledge-sharing platform where individual scientists and companies are sharing their wisdom, know-how and solutions to create what is truly the Missing Manual for Bioscientists, that is used, loved and depended-upon by hundreds of thousands of bioscientists each month.

Our remit is to cover every topic that concerns Bioscientists in the lab. Everything from how to get a technique to work better, walk-throughs to improve their basic (or complex) understanding of how a technique or process works, how to write a thesis or paper, or just how to handle their boss.

And whoever you are, we would like you to become part of this movement.

If you are a bioscientist in the lab, please…

  • Our new members area will be available soon then you can register with us to ensure that can you get the most out of Bitesize Bio and really skyrocket your labwork and life, there’s lots of content to explore and we help registered users to find the stuff that will really help them.
  • Write for us. We have an open-door policy for writers, anyone can submit an article idea and if our Editorial Team like it, they will hold your hand through the process to create a great article and work with you to turn your personal wisdom into further articles if you require. If you are looking to springboard into a career (or sideline!) in writing you can also take this further as many have. After your first few articles are published, if you meet the standard (and you still like us) you can continue to work with us to further hone your skills with the help of our team, build a portfolio, increase your exposure on Bitesize Bio, and move through our ranks to take up further opportunities we can offer you.

If you are a marketer or company representative…

  • We’d like to chat with you about how you can painlessly share your company’s in-house wisdom and solutions with a hungry community of bioscientists for the benefit of your company, and of scientists everywhere. As you know, in marketing-speak that’s called Content Marketing. You will find, as many others have, that there is no better place to do bioscience Content Marketing than Bitesize Bio. You can arrange for one of our team to contact you by clicking right here.