Genomics & Epigenetics

A Crash Course in CRISPR-Cas9 Editing in Drosophila

CRISPR-Cas9 has become a magic tool for molecular biologists, transforming genetic engineering from a once unbelievable dream into tangible reality. Today, you can easily edit primary cells or cell lines within a few weeks with well-established protocols or others’ hands-on advice. However, no matter how many success stories you find online or hear at seminars…

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How to Test the Efficiency of your sgRNA


To successfully edit your genome of interest, one critical step is to test the sgRNA you have designed. Fortunately there are programs that have been developed such as CRISPRscan for zebrafish, SSC, Sequence Scan for CRISPR, or WU-CRISPR that you can use to predict the efficiency and the suitability of the sgRNA. However, the prediction…

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Meeting the BioPython


The Biopython Project is an amazing initiative that helps scientists use Python for bioinformatics – and it’s exceptionally easy to learn! You can access online services, parse (read) different file types, analyze, and do a bunch of fun stuff with your data with Biopython. The people behind the project have put in a lot of…

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Probability Theory and Molecular Barcodes

molecular barcodes

In biology, a molecular barcode is a characteristic DNA sequence used to distinguish and gather together similar items. Such a simple but powerful concept is useful in various applications. As an example, the Barcoding of Life project aims to identify specimens through the sequencing of standard gene regions, and use these as barcodes. On the other…

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