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Probability Theory and Molecular Barcodes

…As an example, this approach enables parallel sequencing of different samples through the labeling of each library with a distinguishing barcode, or index (e.g. Illumina indexing). The procedure is straightforward:…

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Best Practices for DNA Shearing for NGS

Construction of high-quality sequencing libraries is pivotal to successful NGS, and DNA quality is one of the most critical aspects of library preparation. As this Nature Methods paper illustrates, DNA…

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Troubleshooting RNA Isolation

…of tissue so make sure you are using a scale accurate to the weight you need or you may see variation from prep to prep as well as other problems…

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How to Set up Your Elution Experiment

…solid phase, which can be a silica gel in the case of mini-prep columns, but usually beads that can be covalently linked to antibodies or other ligand molecules. “Solid phase”…

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Some Sanger Sequencing Tips and Tricks

…of plasmid prep: You don’t need to plasmid prep your clones for Sanger sequencing. After picking clones for culture, simply swirl your cocktail and stick into a PCR master mix…

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Let’s Get Melting

…all known drug-resistance genes/mutations associated with the microbe of interest. Melt curves obtained from patient samples are then compared to the reference library. Library preparation is typically carried out by…

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Out With the Old: New PubMed Search Tips

…US National Library of Medicine has a great webinar with downloadable slides if you want to learn more of access materials for training. [8] Hopefully the updated design and additional…

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Teach Yourself Python: A Guide for Biologists

…and data analysis and visualization. Biopython is an open-source library made for computation in bioinformatics. PyMed is another library that can help researchers make consistent and readable batch search queries…

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