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The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB – Tutorial Part 5

here https://bitesizebio.com/articles/the-cell-an-image-library-ccdb-tutorial-part-2/. The third tutorial showed how to use the Advanced Search feature to further pinpoint images and can be found here https://bitesizebio.com/articles/the-cell-an-image-library-ccdb-tutorial-part-3/. The fourth tutorial further explained licensing issues…

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The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB – Tutorial Part 3

account and can be found here http://microscopy.bitesizebio.com/articles/the-cell-an-image-library-ccdb-tutorial-part-1/. The second tutorial described various ways to interact and find cell images and can be found here http://microscopy.bitesizebio.com/articles/the-cell-an-image-library-ccdb-tutorial-part-2/. In this tutorial you will…

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Quantifying Your NGS Libraries

…very high-throughput. Illumina recommends the very capable KAPA library quantification kit, but there are alternatives including Agilent, Qiagen and QuantBio, among others. The KAPA kit is a SYBR-green assay that…

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