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How to Improve Your WGS DNA Library

Library Prep Kit for Illumina Systems and Invitrogen™ Collibri™ PS DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina Systems, it is possible to reduce these biases. References Macintyre G, Yistra B, and…

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Level Up Your Drug Screening With CRISPR

…arrayed approaches. © 2015 Agrotis and Ketteler [5], licensed under CC BY 4.0. MOI, multiplicity of infection; sgRNA, single guide RNA. Pooled Library Screens A pooled library can include thousands…

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Top 10 Tips for NGS Library Preparation

Making a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library can seem a bit daunting to the new user, as failures can be expensive. But don’t be put off, as NGS library preparation…

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A Primer on Phage Display Libraries

…molecule. In a semi-synthetic library, these framework regions are amplified and cloned into the phage display library from B-cells, in differing combinations to achieve different goals. In a synthetic library,…

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8 Approaches to Random Mutagenesis

…then randomly introduce mutations into the gene sequence to create a “library” containing thousands of versions of the gene. Each version (or “variant”) of the gene in the library would…

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A Colorful Route to Sequencing Success

…Collibri PS DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina systems provide visual feedback that allows real-time tracking of the successful mixing of reagents at each step in the library preparation and…

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The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB – Tutorial Part 3

…account and can be found here https://bitesizebio.com/13416/the-cell-an-image-library-ccdb-tutorial-part-1/. The second tutorial described various ways to interact and find cell images and can be found here http://microscopy.bitesizebio.com/articles/the-cell-an-image-library-ccdb-tutorial-part-2/. In this tutorial you will…

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The Real Cost of Sequencing in 2014

…or post-doc in the lab. It’s about the same for RNA-seq of ChIP-seq prep as well. Cost for WGS library prep: $125 per sample. Illumina Sequencing Unlike library prep, sequencing…

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The Next Big Thing: Alternative Polyadenylation

…(Thermo Fisher Scientific) has developed a kit for the preparation of cDNA libraries for strand-specific RNA sequencing called Invitrogen™ Collibri™ Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina™ with Collibri™ Human/Mouse/Rat…

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Quantifying Your NGS Libraries

…very high-throughput. Illumina recommends the very capable KAPA library quantification kit, but there are alternatives including Agilent, Qiagen and QuantBio, among others. The KAPA kit is a SYBR-green assay that…

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5 Ways to Really Screw Up Your RNA Prep

…I will discuss five mistakes that will no doubt hype your paranoia about the possible ways to screw up your RNA prep. 1. Not keeping the working environment RNase-free The…

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