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How to be a Scientific Social Media King/Queen!

…of social media. Emerge as a trailblazer in communicating and promoting your hidden treasure to the world! Create an Infographic for your Social Media Page Interact, interact, interact, now and…

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Science and the Media – Dos and Don’ts

Have you ever wondered how the media can write (often cringingly inaccurately) about a recently published scientific paper? Attending Standing up for Science media workshop organised by the Sense about…

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What’s in Your Cell Culture Medium?

…in human blood. However, you can buy media with wide ranges of glucose concentrations to suit your specific needs. You can even buy glucose-free media and then customize the concentration…

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How to Share Your Journal Articles Legally

social media profiles. But are you allowed to share the full text? The answer isn’t always straightforward. This article explains why sharing your journal articles can be problematic and elucidates…

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Top Tips for Yeast Microscopy

…fluorescence microscopy: Autofluoresence from Media Rich media such a YPD is great for growing yeast, however if you are interested in flurorescent imaging this media isn’t a friend. This is…

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Reproducibility 101: How to Make Media

…best foot forward with making media. The Chemicals Solutions and media are the cornerstones of your experiment. Botch that and you will not get a reproducible result or will not…

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Alphabet Soup for Bacteria!

…animal milk or meat and are used in a number of different nutrient media for the growth of bacteria (also used in fungal growth media). R.  Ribose – A sugar…

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Basic Bacterial Culturing Practices

…test tube filled with soft agar). The stab tube will allow your inoculation loop reach deep down into the media where free oxygen is at a minimum. Inoculating liquid media

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Why You Should Be Tweeting About Science

…forgotten “needle in a haystack” in vast archival databases, scientists need to play an active role in publicizing their achievements. Embracing the power of social media is one of the…

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