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2015 Staff Picks: PCR & Real-time PCR


To wrap up 2015, we’re highlighting our favorite articles from the year. These articles were handpicked by our editorial staff here at Bitesize Bio. So, sit back with your cup of coffee (or beverage of choice) and enjoy these fantastic articles from 2015.

First up, we have the category of PCR & Real-time PCR.

Jen Redig, Managing Editor

Control your error! How to minimize pipetting error and get low SDs in qRT-PCR By Ania Wronski, 15th October, 2015

This article is an essential read for anyone new to PCR or experiencing trouble with their PCR. This is a great article to any new students as a part of the “how to succeed at PCR” conversation. Or better yet, the “here’s how not to mess up your PCR” conversation.

Rebecca Tirabassi, Managing Editor

PCR on a shoestring: Build Your Own PCR Machine By Olwen Reina – 6th May, 2015

This article embraces what we are looking for in an article:  it has a very fun tone, helps people save money and gives you an idea for something you may not have thought possible.

Andrew Porterfield, Editor

Andrew also liked the article about minimizing pipetting error for (presumably) many of the same reasons as Jen.

Amanda Welch, Editorial Manager

Free PCR for 5 Years (or How to Make your Own Taq and Pfu Polymerase) By Andy Baltus, PhD – 12th March, 2015

With grant money being hard to come by, I’m a sucker for getting anything for cheap (or free!). This article scratches a particular itch that I have for getting to do something new, out smarting the system, and DIY lab work.

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