Cells and Model Organisms

Phagebiotics: Part 1

The enemy of my enemy is my friend –Ancient Sanskrit proverb Luna, 20 July 1969. Neil Armstrong set his foot in another world for the first and only time in human history. But this is not a story about space exploration; it is a story about the vehicle they used to do it—the Lunar Module…

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Sonication – 7 Tips for Mastering the art

Sonication is mostly used during preparation of protein extracts to help break apart the cell. Although most lysis buffers have buckets of detergent that lyse cell membranes, sonication just gives an extra hand in breaking everything apart. Sonication also breaks up, or shears, DNA in a sample—preventing if from interfering with further sample preparation. Have…

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How to Disinfect Plant Explants for Tissue Culture

Prior to using plant explants, the surface of the explant needs to be disinfected to prevent introduction of unwanted microbes into your culture. Usually, you use chemicals (called sterilant liquids) at appropriate concentrations and duration of application to disinfect the explants. A Sterilizer’s Dream: The Ideal Disinfectant The efficacy of a disinfectant depends on many…

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