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Step-by-Step Planning Before You Write

…plan before we write: to write clearly and coherently. Without planning your scientific paper or grant, then your text won’t follow a logical progression to your conclusion – and you’ll…

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Level Up Your Drug Screening With CRISPR

…(Cas9) is a well-established system that manipulates individual genes in a targeted manner using guide RNAs (gRNAs). Scaling CRISPR methods through the creation of gRNA libraries enables large genome-wide screens…

Image of a microplate use to show how CRISPR can be scaled to undertaking CRISPR screening.Read More

Quantifying & Assessing RNA: TE or not TE?

…Tris-EDTA (TE) buffer to dissolve (or elute, if you are using column purification) RNA. When I was trained in assessing RNA using UV spectrophotometry, graduate students just shrugged at me…

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Top Tips for Reducing PhD Nightmares

…really don’t want to be in the position of having to retype your whole PhD thesis word-by-word ….again! 6. Brighten up your workspace Your workspace will be a huge a…

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How To Write an Awesome Abstract

…limit: Make sure that you check the journal’s guidelines for the word limit of the abstract before you get too carried away. I usually write up a draft including everything…

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HPTLC: Basics and Instrumentation

…on the plate using a Derivatizer. Finally, the compounds are quantified by scanning the plate using a scanner. Let’s delve into each of these instruments in detail. HPTLC Instrument Parts:…

Toy robot indicating automation and robotic capacity of HPTLC as compared to TLCRead More

Respect the Ultra

…without causing a noticeable effect on the tube. If you are using thin-walled sealed tubes, the tube must be completely full or it will collapse. Only open-top tubes in swing-bucket…

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