The Real-Time PCR Digest

real-time PCR

In the 30 odd years since its invention, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has become the bread and butter technique of molecular biologists. The secret to its indispensability lies in its simplicity and versatility. Numerous variants of the technique have been developed; one of these, real-time PCR, has become the method of choice for quantitative…

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PCR Problems? Try an Additive

PCR problems

You’ve tried all the usual stuff, and checked the primer sequences twice, but still can’t get that PCR fragment amplified. It’s time to enter the strange world of PCR additives. Over the years a variety of additives have been shown to enhance PCR reactions in certain situations. Here is a summary of some of the…

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Time to Instigate Nested PCR

How to Obtain a Purer PCR Product and Reduce Non-specific Amplification Unless you’ve gotten your hands on some miraculously specific primers, amplification of only your target sequence without non-specific amplification can be very challenging. Thankfully, a clever and surprisingly simple solution is at hand! A Quick Recap of the Basics In PCR, you design your…

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