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10 Common PPE Sins

Laboratories brim with nasty chemicals and bugs. PPE protects you from them, but only if you don’t commit any of these PPE sins!

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Guard Yourself with Our Great Lab Glove Selection Guide

Gloves protect your skin from the numerous hazards lurking in labs. To help you stay safe, we’ll review the many lab glove types, then give you some handy tips on double-gloving, working with liquid nitrogen, coping with latex allergies, and how to best follow glove etiquette.

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How To Passage Cells in Culture

Learn the basics of how to passage cells in culture with this easy-to-follow guide. While the specifics change per cell line, the basics remain.

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Top 5 of the Most Commonly Used Cell Lines

Want to use a cell line but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re just curious about the most commonly used cell lines. Our top 5 most commonly used cell lines will help you get a feel for the cells that many researchers turn to.

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How Do Buffers Work?

Buffers provide a stable chemical environment for all our experiments. But how do buffers work? And how do you pick one? Read on to find out.

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Multiple Fragment Ligation: The Why and How

You may be familiar with standard single fragment ligations, but did you know you can ligate multiple fragments into your vector all at the same time! Discover how to perform multiple fragment ligation, including the different methods and troubleshooting tips for when things go wrong.

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