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Lifecycle of a Scientific Technique

…discover that the postdoc positions you are interested in list the technique as optional in the job ad. You finally get the boss’s permission to use the technique. The job…

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Detecting Post-Translational Modifications

…partially transferred to a suitable membrane. PTMs are then immunodetected using fluorescence tagging. Other staining techniques include silver or fluorescent protein. One drawback to western blotting is that the technique

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The Next Big Thing: Alternative Polyadenylation

…identify polyadenylation sites precisely. 1 However, there are some great NGS-based techniques developed specially for polyadenylation site identification, using diverse approaches. The goal of these techniques is to enrich the…

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Color Transmission Electron Microscopy

…imaging technique that produces a 2D image using electrons instead of photons. TEM works by shooting electrons through the sample, and its resolution is so fine it can image individual…

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The Sandwich Technique: How to Dish Out Critique

…gently correcting your mistakes. There’s a “sandwich technique” used in education; a protocol of sorts for providing constructive feedback. It recommends starting any assessment with praise, having critical remarks in…

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Basic Bacterial Culturing Practices

…combat this problem, sterility and aseptic technique are some of your most critical allies. Sterilize Your Bacterial Culture Tools Before Use! You can easily sterilize utensils, liquids and agar media…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Exosome Isolation

…new therapeutics. If this article intrigued you, and you want to study these phenomenal tiny vesicles, remember that each isolation technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Each technique exploits one…

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The A-Z of PCR Variants

The wide range of applications of PCR has led to an ever-growing list of variants of the technique. While some are optimizations to suit specific requirements and are very similar…

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