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How Filtration Works: A Short Guide for Biologists

If you’ve worked in a lab, odds are you’ve had an encounter with filtration of one sort or another. Do you understand exactly how filters work, though? Or have you wondered why certain filters are used for certain lab applications?

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Top 10 Best Science Podcasts For Researchers

Facing hours of cell culture, or some other repetitive and mundane lab task? Why not cheer things up with a podcast or two! Discover our top 10 favorite science podcasts for researchers, from Sawbones to The Life Scientific.

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Meltdown: A Hot Introduction to the Thermal Shift Assay

The interaction of proteins with ligands is an important phenomenon. Learn how to detect these interactions (and much more) using the thermal shift assay. In this article, we’ve got you covered with the basic theory and an easy protocol too.

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5 Easy Ways to Tell Salt and Protein Crystals Apart

How do you make sure that the crystals you have grown are of your target protein? Can you tell salt and protein crystals apart without using X-ray diffraction? Yes, you can. Read on to discover five easy ways to distinguish between salt and protein crystals.

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Choosing the Right Bacterial Strains for Your Lab

Whether you’re simply seeking competent E. coli for a transformation experiment or building a panel intended for a whole project, it’s vital that you pick the right strain for your experiment. Find out more in our complete guide to choosing bacterial strains.

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