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Bitesize Bio Downloads for Bioscientists

eBooks, Infographics, Posters, Videos, Online courses—downloads galore and so much more!

You’ve come to the right place! Get inspired with Bitesize Bio Downloads for Bioscientists. Your one-stop source for all the best downloadable content from our website. From resourceful eBooks to eye-catching posters and handy cheat sheets—all our downloads are free.

Fluorescent Proteins Poster

Bitesize Bio's Fluorescent Proteins Poster

Selecting the perfect fluorescent protein for your experiments is about to get easier! With our ultimate guide to fluorescent proteins poster. The essential info on key fluorescent proteins—together. Get your free copy now.

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Cell culture posters - sml

Bitesize Bio's Handy Cell Culture Posters

Brighten up your tissue culture room with our free cell culture posters. Stick them up for easy access to helpful info on how to freeze and thaw your cells, count cells with a hemocytometer, and a visual guide to cell confluency.

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Image of Bitesize Bio's free PCR inhibitors poster

Bitesize Bio's Free PCR Inhibitors Poster

PCR fails a lot. Often due to inhibitors. Why not boost your PCR success and download our PCR inhibitors poster? It includes notorious PCR inhibitors, where they originate from, how they manifest, and how to get rid of them.

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Journal Club CU Tablet 400

Bitesize Bio's Journal Club Checklist

Journal club. An opportunity to present cutting-edge research and take inspiration from your colleagues. It can also be a huge stress and responsibility to organize and present. Remove all the stress by following our step-by-step checklist and smash your next meeting.

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Image of Bitesize Bio's free lab safety poster

Bitesize Bio's Free Lab Safety Poster

Hazard symbols? Yawn. Lab safety doesn't have to be dull. Get an attractive, and free, lab safety poster that explains all the common hazard symbols and the precautions against them—with all the dull bits left out.

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Image of Bitesize Bio's chemically competent cells protocol

Bitesize Bio's Chemically Competent Cells Protocol

Do you want a constant supply of high-quality competent cells for (virtually) free? You need the Bitesize Bio Competent Cells Cheat Sheet.

It includes a simple 10-step protocol, helpful pointers, and buffer recipes to help you make your own competent cells.

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Image of Bitesize Bio's antibiotics reference guide in a laboratory

Bitesize Bio's Awesome Antibiotics Reference Guide

Your personal reference guide to some of the main antibiotics that are used in molecular biology, their mechanisms, range, and working concentrations.

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Image of Bitesize Bio's lab math cheat sheet

Bitesize Bio's Lab Math Cheat Sheet

Get all the common lab math calculations in one place with our lab math cheat sheet. This printable PDF allows you to keep the most common lab calculations to hand whether you are making solutions or working with DNA.

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Gene Editing 101

CRISPR has revolutionized gene editing and is the basis for a set of tools that are enabling advances in a wide range of research interests from health and diagnostics to agriculture and energy.

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An image of the Five Methods for Assessing Protein Purity and Quality eBook

Five Methods for Assessing Protein Purity and Quality

Here's a new eBook for your protein research toolbox! If you’ve ever worked with proteins in the lab, you probably know just how critical protein purity and quality are for downstream applications. Before embarking on time-consuming or costly techniques, download and read this concise new eBook and take a moment to check the quality of your protein, saving you both time and money in the long run.

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10 Things Every Molecular Biologist Should Know composite

A Bitesize Guide to 10 Things Every Molecular Biologist Should Know

This short eBook provides 10 nuggets of vital, often overlooked knowledge on molecular biology techniques, neatly contained in one place. From how SDS-PAGE works to the chemical reason why enzymes have optimal temperatures, we hope that there will be something in here that will enlighten and entertain even the most experienced scientist.

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Closeup of an eye of a black man

How to Get Clarity and Hold On To It

This guide is a gift to you from Kenneth Vogt. The resulting clarity will be a gift you give yourself.

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The Fundamentals of qPCR and RT-qPCR

This essential eBook, created in collaboration with New England BioLabs, walks you through the basics and applications of various qPCR and RT-qPCR techiniques, including the benefits and limitations of each technique. It's a must-read for every molecular biologist.

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Article Summary CU Tablet 250

Bitesize Bio's Article Summary Template and Checklist

How clear are the notes you make on articles you've read? Up your game with Bitesize Bio's free article summary template. With designated sections and helpful prompts, your notes will be crystal clear.

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Bitesize Bio's SDS-PAGE Protocol PDF Cheat Sheet

Download our nifty SDS-PAGE protocol PDF that contains simple buffer recipes, gel recipes, and a neat casting protocol.

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Image of Bitesize Bio's lab math spreadsheet

Bitesize Bio's Lab Math Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet has been set up with the most common lab calculations for molecular biologists, allowing you to just plug in your details and get results instantly, saving you time and hassle in the lab.

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Your guide to successful imaging of living cells

A Bitesize Guide to Live Cell Imaging

This weighty eBook, created in collaboration with Leica Microsystems, walks you through the various live-cell imaging techniques available, including the benefits and limitations of each technique. It's a must-read for anyone who does microscopy on live cells.

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Curious Tales from the History of Biology image

Bitesize Bio's Curious Tales from the History of Biology

It’s official—biologists DO have a sense of humor, well some of them at least. Our eBook includes the fascinating story of how one of the most famous and quirky naming conventions in biology came into being, and much more.

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A Bitesize Guide to Writing Your First or Next Paper

Writing papers is an art that most of us learn on the job, and it is often a painful process. This eBook provides a step-by-step approach to writing papers and hopefully helps make the process of writing your first, or next paper, a bit easier.

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Guide to Special Stains for Histology Bitesize Bio

This illuminating eBook provides the bioscientist with an overview of the alternative staining techniques and procedures known as the “special stains.” Eleven of the most common special stains are described. It covers their history and discovery, general principles of each stain, and their uses in the research and diagnostic labs.

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The Bitesize Bio Guide to Protein Expression

The Bitesize Bio Guide to Protein Expression

After reading this guide you should be able to put together a well-designed protein expression system and troubleshoot problems with your (and your colleagues’) protein expression problems. This handy ebook will give you the tools you need to apply a simple algorithm—know how it works, find where it is broken, then fix it!

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The Bitesize Bio Guide to Lab Safety

The Bitesize Bio Guide to Lab Safety

The purpose of this ebook is to introduce you to some of the most common principles of scientist’s safety topics that you will encounter every time you step into a laboratory. On top of that, it will help point you towards additional resources to answer your questions when deeper questions about the topic arise.

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