Don't Be Arrested for B.I.T.E. (Bunsen Ill-Treatment and Endangerment)!

B.I.T.E., or Bunsen Ill-Treatment and Endangerment, happens every day. In the time since you started reading this article, somewhere out there, a Bunsen burner has been mishandled. This is a dark subject and while […]

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Six Benefits to Working in the Lab on the Weekend

I used to love working in the lab on Saturdays.  No, I didn't spend every Saturday in the lab and yes, I did have a life outside of the lab (that's one reason Saturday […]

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SuperSize It! Scaling Up Your Experiments

Life in the lab is easy-peasy when you are only prepping a handful of tubes. But what if you need to scale up to 10’s or even 100’s of samples? Scaling up your experiments […]

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Know Your Western Blot Jargon! A Quick Review.

It has been said that "Incomprehensible jargon is the hallmark of a profession" (Kingman Brewster, Jr) and while I cannot speak for other professions, as a biologist I am inclined to believe it. So […]

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Take Control of Your World – Five Controls for Flow Cytometry

No, this is not a call for Geeks to take over the world – just a tiny part of it – the part that ensures success in all experiments or at least a good […]

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Help: My Gal Promoter Doesn’t Work

Dear Aunt Yersinia, I work with a yeast vector where my gene is under a Gal promoter. My boss told me to grow yeast in medium with sucrose, and then add galactose to induce […]

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Dpn I The Strange

If you ever used a site-directed mutagenesis kit or ligation-independent cloning, then you also used restriction enzyme Dpn I. But what does it do and more interestingly, why? Restriction enzymes and methylases: the yin […]

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The A-Z of PCR variants

The wide range of applications of PCR has led to an ever-growing list of variants of the technique. While some are optimizations to suit specific requirements and are very similar to basic PCR, others […]

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Seven Frivolous Reasons Not to Attend a Conference

Scientific conferences are a peculiar throwback to XIX century, when bearded white men in wool suits were meeting in ale houses to discuss the latest experiment they did at home – once. In our […]

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I Can See (See Dee)! CCD and CMOS Cameras for Micoscopy

Two different sensors are generally used in cameras for microscopy: Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) or Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors (CMOS or sCMOS). Although there are a number of similarities between the two sensors, differences […]

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