Adrienne Huntress

Adrienne is an aspiring science raconteuse. When she's not improving the stability of microbes, she participates in outreach and education events. Her goals include bringing science to rural areas and creating a sustainable homestead.

Articles by Adrienne Huntress:

Is Your Bacterial Culture Still Growing? A Primer on OD­600 Measurements

This article is for anyone who has ever wondered, “How do I know when my bacterial culture is ‘done’ growing? When should I harvest my cells?” Bacterial Growth Curves Review Let’s start by reviewing the 4 basic phases of a bacterial growth curve: log phase, lag phase, stationary phase, and death phase (Figure 1). A…

29 May 2018 Cells and Model Organisms&Lab Statistics & Math

Meet Nature’s Oldest Doomsday Preppers: Endospores

My favorite reason for being a biologist is that I am endlessly amazed by how life adapts to various pressures on planet Earth. This especially holds true for endospores, one of nature’s most resilient means of surviving for thousands of years in non-ideal environmental conditions. In this article, we’ll explore some of the extreme environments…

08 Feb 2018 Cells and Model Organisms

The Amazing World of Biofilms

What do water pipe slime, dental plaque, and persistent contact lens case contamination have in common? All are the result of biofilms! Biofilms are aggregates of microbes that adhere to surfaces using secreted matrices. Although relatively under explored, this fascinating phenomenon plays a critical role in some of the biggest challenges currently facing medicine, ranging…

08 Dec 2017 Cells and Model Organisms

Get Your Dream Job! How to Best Organize Your (Many) Applications

If you’ve ever been on the job market, you know how many job applications you can end up filling out and submitting. Sometimes the entire process takes months or even years to culminate in the right job offer! It can be overwhelming to keep track of what you applied for and when. This is especially…

31 Aug 2017 Soft Skills and Tools

Defend Science Funding! A Brief Guide

With the scientific community potentially facing deep cuts to grant-awarding agencies, like the NIH, advocacy for funding research efforts has been re-ignited. Not only does science funding provide financial support for academic and government scientists, it fuels product development and collaboration opportunities for scientists in industry and scientists abroad. Engaging in the advocacy process and…

26 Jul 2017 Career Development & Networking