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14 Pipetting Hacks to Become an Instant Expert

…of them getting contaminated, spilt or anything else. If you follow these three D’s, you’re basically a pipetting witch/wizard. Follow these rules and you’ll be pipetting with the best of…

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How to Check the Accuracy of Your Pipette

Pipetting accuracy though, is critical to successful experiments–especially in sensitive experiments. For example, qPCR relies upon accurate pipetting—calculations depend on having the same amount of template DNA (cDNA or otherwise)…

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Scientists: Can any of us REALLY multi-task?

…doing repetitive pipetting helps maintain my focus. But, I did notice that I stopped singing whenever extra attention was needed in my pipetting efforts. Doodling while listening, or singing while…

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Quantifying Your NGS Libraries

…quant. Replication: Replicating your qPCR setup reduces the impact of poor pipetting. You’ll only use 1 ?l of your library in each reaction and any under- or over-pipetting can affect…

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Are You Ready for Your First qPCR?

…good pipetting skills are critical to get proper qPCR results. To account for pipetting errors, test DNA samples in triplicate. Steps to get Ready Planning is key Plan out your…

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10 Tips for Consistent qPCR

…fresh one without worrying about contaminating the master vial. 4. Use Pipettes Calibrated for Low Volumes If you require absolute accuracy in quantification, use pipettes calibrated for low volume pipetting

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Lab Aches and How to Avoid Them

Pipetting all day? Scrolling and scrolling through Excel columns trying to make sense of your data? Spending hours at the microscope because your boss wants Nature-worthy pictures? It’s not uncommon…

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