Kristen Haberthur

Kristen completed her Ph.D. in Viral Immunology from Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in 2013. She then did post-doc work in cancer immunology, focusing on immunotherapies for glioblastoma. She thinks that science (especially immunology and disease) rocks, and loves talking about it with whomever will listen - that includes her cats. Thankfully, Kristen can channel that passion in her current position as the Managing Editor for Bitesize Bio.

Articles by Kristen Haberthur:

Thinking Outside the Box: Microscopy for Immunologists

When you think of an immunologist, you will likely imagine someone who studies the immune system… or maybe a person who speaks in a completely different language (CD? IL? The list goes on.). You may also think of a slew of assays that almost exclusively “belong” to immunologists, including ELISA, ELISpot, Flow Cytometry, chromium release…

25 Dec 2018 Microscopy and Imaging

Epidemiology: The Underdog of Disease Studies

As bench scientists, we deal primarily with the tangible aspects of biology. The mechanisms and pathways that we try to understand not only allow for us to delve more into how the world works, but can also shed light on disease. However, there is a subject that while distant from traditional bench work, is equally…

07 May 2018 Cells and Model Organisms

How Social Media Can up Your Flow Cytometry Game

Flow cytometry is an ever-evolving field, and new technologies and innovations seem to emerge every week. So how is a scientist supposed to keep abreast of so much information, and weed through all of the unnecessary information at our fingertips? Try social media! Yes, I went there. Social media is everywhere. You can use it…

13 Mar 2018 Flow Cytometry

Labs and Casinos: Sisters from Another Mister

Casinos and labs have absolutely nothing in common… or do they? While scientists often dedicate their life’s work to a specific mechanism/protein/etc., those that frequent casinos are also fueled by a desire to get that perfect hand dealt/Keno score/etc. Curiously, several aspects of the laboratory and casino environments are eerily similar. I know, I was…

08 Mar 2018 Soft Skills and Tools

How to Unclog Your Flow Cytometer

Welcome back, fellow flow cytometry friend! I am sure that you are rocking your data acquisition at this point, having perfected your understanding of panel set up, fluorophore usage, and using the flow cytometer of your choice. However, with as many samples as you are running, it is possible that you may be experiencing a…

13 Feb 2018 Flow Cytometry
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