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Assertive Slide Titles to Guide Your Presentation

…you were trying to say. And after all, isn’t audience comprehension the point of presentations? For more information and useful presentation tips, check out “The Craft of Scientific Presentations” by…

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15 Top Tips to Giving a Great Talk

…have come a long way. And so, almost 4 years down the line, having given a number scientific presentations and having listened to quite a few, I realized there are…

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10 Ideas for Researchers Working from Home

…for some links. 5. Practice Your Presentations Many researchers fear presentations, but they are a staple of science life from lab meetings to conferences. You need to be able to…

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10 Tips on Writing a Research Poster

Poster presentations are a great way to show off your hard work, especially if you are just starting out in research. They are much less stressful than oral presentations, but…

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How to Give an Incredible Scientific Talk

Committee meeting approaching? 10 minute department seminar? Lab meeting? Fear not! My adviser has insulted my presentations so regularly, that I’ve finally learned some things. Hopefully, I can head your…

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How to Have a Successful Lab Outreach Program

…inferior. Always keep in mind the knowledge base of the visiting students and adjust your presentations accordingly. Talking about things they understand and giving them just a little taste of…

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How to Choose the Right PhD Lab

…delivering presentations. Besides your lab mates, the history of funding, the funding of your project, presence of necessary equipment (you might not like visiting a collaborator’s lab situated 20-miles away…

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The Establishment of the Nobel Prize

…each in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace). What’s interesting is that he never picked any Nobel Prize winners, he never went to a prize-giving ceremony, and he…

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Making Sense of Creative Commons Licenses

…of the journal, but comes with a number of downsides for you as the author. For example, by giving a journal exclusive rights to publish your manuscript, you are restricting…

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