Genomics & Epigenetics

P19 to the Rescue: How to Increase Protein Expression in Agroinfiltration

Plants are just not green gods—they can be more. You can cost-effectively express your recombinant complex proteins in a plant system. More interestingly, plants are ideal systems for producing functional monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, and vaccine components! They can also be used for protein localization studies. To save time, you can transiently express your protein using…

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The Ins & Outs of Illumina Sequencing

The future of personalized medicine depends on affordable DNA sequencing. In the race for the $1,000 genome, several sequencer manufacturers are working on making equipment that can sequence DNA and RNA faster and more accurately. But so far, only one company – San Diego, California-based Illumina – has US FDA regulatory approval to use its…

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How to Express Proteins Across Kingdoms: Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes

In the sci-fi novel Terminal World by Alistair Reynolds, a planet consists of zones with defined characteristics of matter interactions on a subatomic level. These conditions permit different levels of technology sophistication in various zones. For example, in the “Steamville zone” nothing more complicated than steam engines works – electronic schemes fuse irreversibly. Something like…

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